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The UK General Election: Why it is Crucial for People with Learning Disabilities to vote

General Election 24

On Thursday 4th of July, the UK will hold a general election. During this time, people aged 18 and over can vote for their Members of Parliament to represent them in the House of Commons. 

During a general election, it is crucial that people with learning disabilities vote so that their voices are heard and all of society is represented fairly and equally. 

Representation and Advocacy 

People with learning disabilities often face unique challenges and barriers in their daily lives. By voting, they can help elect representatives who understand these challenges and are committed to advocating for policies that promote inclusion, accessibility, and support. 

Influence on Policy Decisions 

The outcomes of elections directly influence policies that affect health care, education, employment, and social services. For people with learning disabilities, these policies can have a profound impact on their quality of life. Voting enables them to support candidates who pledge to improve these services and ensure that their needs are considered in decision-making processes. 

Promoting equality 

There is often misconception about the abilities of people with learning disabilities. When people with learning disabilities vote, they challenge these stereotypes and can promote a more inclusive society where everyone’s voice is valued equally. 


Overcoming Barriers to voting 

Despite the importance of voting, people with learning disabilities often face barriers that make it difficult to participate in elections. These may include: 

  • A lack of accessible information 

Electoral information and voting may not be always available in easy read formats. 

  • Physical accessibility issues 

Polling stations might not be fully accessible for people with mobility issues. 

  • Limited support 

Some people may need assistance with the voting process but lack adequate support.  


How you can register your vote 

  • You need to have registered to vote by 18th June 
  • When voting remember to bring your ID:  UK passport, Blue Badge, or Bus Pass 
  • If you don’t have one of the forms of ID listed on the website, you can apply for a free voter ID document. 



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 For support and advice for people with learning disabilities contact Lead the Way (Calderdale) on  0300 012 0416